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What do people see in
Your Business?

Your brand is valuable. Let your business be driven by it.

We present creative solutions for you.

From logo creation to print ready marketing materials,

we make sure your needs are met with high-end, quality production of design.

Professional & Refined

Zapp Graphics is all about quality, and we strive to create the perfect logo and design elements that fit your business. Everything that we make is tailored to your specific needs.

We take a stylish, modern approach in representing your products. Start fresh with a new look that everyone will love.

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Why go with Zapp?

Your Print & Web Graphics professionals

Designing for print differs greatly from designing for the web. At Zapp, we know the difference between the two. We want your brand to look as good on the screen as it does on paper.

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Photo Integrated Design

We combine photographic excellence and design work to make you look good.

Whether you have an outdated restaurant menu that needs professional images with a new look, or if your brochure is in need of an update with product photos, we can help.

Zapp designs on purpose.

How we work

First Contact

Start with contacting us and giving a short description of your business need. Let us know how we can improve or create your brand.


Once the business need is established, we meet and dive in to see how we will help create more value to your company.

Design Process

This is the fun part. We design in targeted areas of your business marketing materials and overall brand identity, with many options.

Finished Product

After mockups and proofing are complete, we finalize the work with your approval and satisfaction resulting in a digital or printed product.

A Quick Look

Here are few design examples. From corporate to trendy, we can match the logo style that you're looking for.

It's OUR business to help YOUR business.

You can get a hold of us here, or ask a question on social media (links below). Otherwise, please keep browsing!

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